$27/mth for 5 mths

"Starter Pack" Savings for Dog Lovers (Bundle of 4 e-courses)

Enhance the Foundations as you develop the language and healing of Touch!

Megan Ayrault
Pay $45/mth for 5 mths

Senior Dog: Meridian Massage and Acupressure

Favorite techniques to help senior dogs with arthritis and other challenges of aging (also applies well to cats!)

Megan Ayrault
$27/mth for 4 mths

"Listening Hands" Essentials for Dog Lovers

Developing Touch Sensitivity, Session Effectiveness, and More

Megan Ayrault
$65/mth for 5 mths

Helping Your Dog's Hips and Hind End

Prevention, Maintenance and Pain Relief

Megan Ayrault

The Original "Rescue Dog Massage"

For Grounding, Building Trust, Immune Boosting and More

Megan Ayrault

The Essential "Anti-Aging" Mini-E-Course

Also available as 1 of 4 short courses in the Savings Bundle: Power of Touch "Starter Pack"