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A fun exploration of helping your animals through their life journey with acupressure.

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Course curriculum

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    1. January: Bright Eyes

    2. Big Idea January: On Stillness (Winter)

    3. February: Yin Valley

    4. Big Idea February: On Positive Surrender

    5. March: Transitions, Wood Energy

    6. Big Idea March: On Getting Out of the Way

    7. April: Spring, Liver Connections

    8. Big Idea April: On Planting Seeds

    9. May: Spring, Spirit Gate

    10. Big Idea May: "Up" Energy

    11. June: Transitions, Small Intestine

    12. Big Idea June: On Centering (and Power Centers)

    13. July: Summer, Heart Protector

    14. Big Idea July: On Consistency (and Circles)

    15. August: Summer, TH Connecting Point

    16. Big Idea August: On Patience (2 tricks)

    17. September: Transitions, Stomach Meridian

    18. Big Idea September: On "HPR"

    19. October Fall, Yin Mound Spring

    20. Big Idea October: Fall, Yin Mound Spring

    21. November: Fall, Lung

    22. December: Transitions, Large Intestine

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About this course

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Your Instructor

Megan Ayrault

Instructor, Mentor, Coach, Founder of Power of Touch for Animals

Megan is a Licensed Massage Therapist for animals and people, and author of books on equine and canine bodywork. Her background and teaching include techniques and insights for both the physical/structural aspects of the body, and the energy aspects of the body-mind system.

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