Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome and Orientation
    • Finding your way around your lessons
    • Finding your way around the rest of the E-Learning Center site
    • Navigating on your phone??
    • Welcome! (And little apology.)
    • Optional Certificate Assignment
  • 2
    Lesson 1
    • Video Lesson: Tapping for Relaxation, Connection and Flow
    • Wondering about the "free webinar"?
    • PDF Outline of video lesson on Tapping
    • Anatomy Connections Lesson: The Sacrum (PDF?)
  • 3
    Interview with Lola Michelin
    • Tips on care for rescue horses
  • 4
    Lesson 2
    • Video Lesson: Down to the Ground
    • PDF Outline of video lesson on Down to the Ground
    • Anatomy Connections Lesson: The Lower Limbs
  • 5
    Interview with Robyn Smith
    • Tips for rescue horse care
    • PDF version of some Q&A with Robyn Smith
  • 6
    Lesson 3
    • Video Lesson: Withers and Transitions
    • PDF Outline of video lesson on Withers and Transitions
    • Anatomy Connections Lesson: Withers and Transitions
  • 7
    Interview with Kim Bauer
    • Acupressure and other tips (audio)
  • 8
    Interview withPolly Klein
    • Animal communication tips
  • 9
    Q&A supplement video lesson
    • Some student questions addressed
  • 10
    Bonus! Interview on hoof care and on rescue organizations resource
    • Interview with Daphne Jones, one of 16 professionals interviewed for the Equine Back Pain to Back Health e-course
    • PDF Outline of interview with Daphne Jones
  • 11
    Please share your thoughts!
    • Please review!


  • Megan Ayrault

    Megan Ayrault

    Instructor, Mentor, Coach, Founder of Power of Touch for Animals

    Megan is a Licensed Massage Therapist for animals and people, and author of books on equine and canine bodywork. Her background and teaching include techniques and insights for both the physical/structural aspects of the body, and the energy aspects of the body-mind system.

Questions? Want a certificate

Questions? Email  Megan@PowerOfTouchForAnimals, if you're not sure which option is best for you.

Want a certificate? Or need Continuing Ed credit? There is an optional assignment you may complete in order to earn a certificate.  There is an additional fee for review of assignment and providing certificate.

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