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Course curriculum

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    Full Body Anatomy and Energetics
    • The Thorax
    • Heart Space
    • Limbs, carpals, tarsals, benefits
    • Shoulders, Anatomy and Self-Care
    • Abdomen, Diaphragm (and Thorax)
    • The Gut, and Feeling Energy
    • The Neck, Throat and Vagus Nerve
    • Some Energetics of Neck and Throat
    • Pelvis, Sacrum and SI Joints
    • Pelvis, Hips and Energy Connections
    • Ears, TMJ and Head
    • Upper Neck and Timelessness
    • Scapulas, Borders and Transitions
    • Lumbar Spine
    • Lower Limbs, Hooves and Surfaces
    • On Tails

Your Instructor

  • Megan Ayrault

    Megan Ayrault

    Instructor, Mentor, Coach, Founder of Power of Touch for Animals

    Megan is a Licensed Massage Therapist for animals and people, and author of books on equine and canine bodywork. Her background and teaching include techniques and insights for both the physical/structural aspects of the body, and the energy aspects of the body-mind system.

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