Touch for Dogs: The "Inside Track" Membership

See ALL you get, including BIG discounts! Make monthly progress for you and your dog, for the Physical and the Energetic. Discover the critical "Inner Shifts" that make all the difference when using any bodywork or energywork techniques. | taught by Megan Ayrault

Course description

Along with... 

  • Inside Track monthly membership content and private FB group (Energy Lessons, Q&A, Guest Interviews, etc.)

  • and all ARCHIVES of past membership content

You ALSO get FREE ACCESS to the following e-courses every month you’re a member.  (Certificates/CE credits NOT included. See below for options.) :

  • “Listening Hands” Essentials for Dog Lovers (Value $97)

  • Helping Your Dog’s Hips and Hind End (Value $297)

  • Senior Dogs: Meridian Massage and Acupressure (Value $197)

  • The Original “Rescue Dog Massage” (Value $47)

  • The Essential “Anti-Aging” Mini E-Course (Value $27)

  • Power of Touch Intro Series: 5 Ways of Healing with 1 Simple Technique (Value $17)

  • Animal Massage 101 (Value $17)

And discount rewards for consistency!

1st and 2nd month are $39/mth  

3rd through 12th mths, get 50% off each month! $39 only $19.50/mth

And after 1st year? Only $9 month for Life! (That’s a 77% discount as long as membership is maintained.)

(Looking for the membership for professionals? Click here to see that option.)

Additional Options (with additional charge)

A. Want a certificate (with CE credits)? Many of the e-courses (not all) have a certificate option, requiring payment of a certificate fee after successful completion of your certificate assignment. 

B. Want to download your e-course video lessons? For permanent access to each course (including downloadable videos), an e-course must be purchased separately. Inside Track members receive a discount for purchasing individual e-courses with permanent access. Discount rates vary, depending on how long you’ve been a member. Ask Megan if you are a member and would like your discount code to purchase a course.

This is a membership (not a course). And here's how it can make a difference for you and your dog....

WHY this membership? 

  • Enhance your dog's wellness month by month, as you nurture your own, too!
  • Create the "Inner Shifts" that will change how animals respond to your Touch.
  • Discover and develop your skills of Perception, of Healing, and of Being
  • Experience BOTH the "magic" of the physical and the "realness" of the Energy
  • You will learn MANY Touch techniques, and more importantly, you will develop the QUALITY of your Touch (with any technique)

What you get each month:

  • Structured, consistent support for progress that grows over time
  • Core Content to get each new member started
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching
  • Monthly Lesson
  • Integration exercises and strategies for putting what you learn to use in helping your dog.
  • Private Facebook Group for additional  support and community
  • Archives Library of all past lessons and calls (as they're created and recorded)

Note re "Free Trial" option: If you'd like to take a peek "inside", you can start with the Free Trial, although that will NOT give you access to any of the members content (lessons, Q&A calls, private FB Group, etc.).

An inspirational approach to learning Touch....

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift.

 The work of life is to develop it. 

The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” 

— David Viscott

Whether you're doing this for your own animals, or as a profession, you can discover and develop your unique gifts in helping animals with Touch, and then share it with the animals you love!

Megan Ayrault
Megan Ayrault
LMP, L/SAMP, Founder of Power of Touch for Animals

Megan is a Licensed Massage Practitioner for animals and people, and author of books on equine and canine bodywork. Her background and teaching both include techniques and insights for both the physical/structural aspects of the body, and the energy aspects of the body-mind system.

Course Curriculum

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Reviews (1)

Great beginning!

by Cheryl Barrett
A good explanation of energy as it relates to body work. How to practice mindfulness as you approach working with your dog.

Great beginning!

by Cheryl Barrett
A good explanation of energy as it relates to body work. How to practice mindfulness as you approach working with your dog.