Become More Clear and Connected WITHIN, and Experience the Benefits That Follow (for yourself and for your animals!)

30 Day Program: Combination of Guided Lessons with Group and Individual Coaching

Happening August 18th-Sept 16! What participants will get:

  • Group and individual guidance on tuning into and choosing a productive goal for your 30 days
  • 4 individual coaching calls to first select, and then focus on, your personal goal (within the context of the program)
  • Lessons on steps and strategies that strengthen Clear-ness, Inner Connectedness and Energy Flow
  • Weekly group coaching calls to support the practices (recorded in case you need to miss any)
  • The extra "juice" of Group Energy, combined with the 30 Day "sprint" focus, to amplify your intention and help you create transformation
  • Permanent access to the lessons, the recorded Group Coaching Calls, and (optionally) recordings of your individual sessions

Examples of possible individual goals?

  • Empower yourself with simple practices that reduce anxiety and overwhelm
  • Tune into intuition for more confident decision-making
  • Deepen your perceptions of what your animal is telling you
  • Deepen your awareness of what your body is telling you!
  • Strengthen connection to the Inner Peace that you deserve
  • Shift from Struggle to Trust
  • Infinite possibilities, as individual as the participants!

Some FAQs

  • What's a pilot progam?

    It means this is the first time this program has been offered!

  • What are disadvantages of a pilot?

    There are no past students, so there are no testimonials available to hear what results others have experienced with it. Also the initial plans are subject to tweeking as we go, depending on how it's going for participants.

  • What are the ADVANTAGES?

    In addition to all the group content and coaching calls, this pilot will INCLUDE 4 individual coaching sessions (up to 45 min each) for us to focus together on an individual goal for yourself and/or for your animal(s). Future versions will likely include a bit less one-on-one time in the base price. The price of a future version is also very likely to be higher. And, you also get to help influence how the program develops!

  • Will I get the full benefits if I don't attend the live group sessions and only watch the replays?

    Attending group calls live is definitely NOT required, because they might end up being at times that not everyone can attend. (But I'll do my best to make sure every participant is ABLE to attend at LEAST one of the group calls live.) You'll likely get most of the benefits of the group calls pretty well even from the recordings. And at the same time, a program like this does, somewhat mysteriously, have more transformative power the more you put into it. Participating live in the group sessions can play a part in that. And I know for sure that students who do participate live are also providing a great boost to their fellow students! They contribute directly (with the specific content of those conversations) and indirectly also, even more than we can know (I believe).

  • Is this focusing on ourselves and not involving our animals? For us humans to learn to re-tune, re-connect in our lives?

    Mainly I do have in mind that participants will be focusing on themselves, which will in turn benefit their animals ALSO (especially long term). It will also be very possible/optional for people to use the 30 days, and some or all of their private coaching sessions, to focus on a transformation that is more directly related to an animal. In that case, we'll still (at least partly) come at whatever the issue is from the angle of the inner "re-tuning" that will best support that. (Hard to describe in general terms, since each situation and person/animal combo is unique. Maybe after running the first pilot I'll be able to describe the possibilities better!)

Your Power of Touch Guide

  • Megan Ayrault

    Megan Ayrault

    Instructor, Mentor, Coach, Founder of Power of Touch for Animals

    Megan is a Licensed Massage Therapist for animals and people, and author of books on equine and canine bodywork. Her background and teaching include techniques and insights for both the physical/structural aspects of the body, and the energy aspects of the body-mind system.